I organized two “sister shows” titled Ecstatic Resistance to complement my essays and posters of the same name. The exhibitions featured performances by Leah Gilliam, Sharon Hayes, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Jeanine Oleson and Julianna Snapper, Dean Spade and Craig Willse, PIG/Politically Involved Girls (Wu Tsang, Zackary Drucker, and Mariana Marroquin), and Ian White.

Ecstatic Resistance at Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO
November 13–January 16, 2010
Featuring works by Yael Bartana, Sharon Hayes, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, My Barbarian, Jeanine Oleson, Ulrike Ottinger, Adrian Piper, Dean Spade and Craig Willse, A.L. Steiner, and Ian White.

Ecstatic Resistance at X Initiative, New York, NY
November 21–February 6, 2010
Featuring works by Rosa Barba, Yael Bartana, Juan Davila, Sharon Hayes, Xylor Jane, My Barbarian in collaboration with Liudni Slibinai, Ulrike Muller, Jeanine Oleson, A.L. Steiner, and Joyce Wieland.

Ecstatic Resistance, 2010. Presented at multiple venues.

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