Reading the Shade of a Pink Triangle . . . To be on time to the black box performances inside. This sundial was installed at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time Based Art Festival alongside a series of public conversations investigating performative time, queer time, and alive time. The primary shape, an upside down blue triangle with waves on top, is an echo of the upside down pink triangle that is a symbol of gay power and a broad spectrum of LGBTQ identities. The waves cresting on the surface represent the “waves” of social movements and surface and depth. What is found in the depths, forgotten in time? The sundial marks the first use of the upside down blue triangle shape which EOH soon after made into a 13-meter-long horizon of ceramic clocks. These works and related questions are central to EOH’s five year project and text Uncounted.

Reading the Shade of a Pink Triangle, 2013. Metal and paint on concrete wall; 120 × 180 in. Portland Institute for Contemporary Art.