Sense and Sense is a project developed on site in Stockholm. EOH invited the performance artist MPA to collaborate on a series of photographs and a video work, asking MPA to walk on her side. Sergels torg, a site known as the centre of the city and the site of all political protests, was designed at the height of the Social Democratic state and designed precisely for this use, a gathering spot where the public's voice could be heard. Sense and Sense looks at this site, the theoretical idea of free speech and 'free movement' in contrast with the vernacular movement on display here everyday. The camera captured the illusion and struggle of movement.

Sense and Sense, 2010. Two-channel video (color, silent) and digital chromogenic print; video: 15 minutes, 25 seconds; prints: 19 × 17 in. Konsthall C, Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, NY. In collaboration with MPA.